Bamurru Plains

Bamurru Plains

The day breaks to the tune of thousands of Magpie Geese, the whistling of the kites and the thumping of Agile Wallabies hopping by your bungalow. Over an early morning coffee or steaming tea our guides help you plan your day.

Airboats are one of the best ways to see the birdlife that teems here and skimming through a wilderness of clear water and tall grass at dawn or at dusk is a truly magical experience. Out boating on the Sampan River silver flashes of fish break the surface, all sorts of creatures move in the grass, the air is warm and still and all eyes scan the shallows for big saltwater crocodiles. On guided walks and drives search for brumbies, buffalo, dingos and wallabies or pause to consider an intriguing reptile or the adaptations of a particular insect.

The activities are inclusive on our Ultimate Wilderness Experience Package or available to be booked locally on the Floodplain Chillout Package.

Airboat Tours

The floodplain wetlands of the Mary River catchment are the key natural feature of this area and some of the most important in the country, home to thousands of Magpie Geese, Plumed Whistling-Duck, Egrets, Ibis and a host of other birds. These beautiful birds will take flight as you zip across the floodplains on your airboat, flocks sometimes thousands of birds strong!

Our guides will provide you with a hands on demonstration of the many uses of the flora from the wetlands whilst floating amongst a forest of melaleuca trees or looking out for crocodiles slowly swimming amongst the grasses of the floodplain. A morning trip out on the floodplains in an airboat is utterly exhilarating and the only way to truly experience this environment.

4×4 Safaris

“…on the short drive through the bush we spot dozens of water buffaloes and brumbies… the setting feels like being on safari in Africa, not in Australia” Peter Braig, Australian Financial Review.

With the recession of the waters from much of the floodplain in the dry season, the plains become accessible to 4WD vehicles and an afternoon out with one of the guides will provide a unique insight to this fragile yet very important environment.

Our open sided safari vehicles feature shaded canopies with comfortable and raised seating to provide the best possible vantage point to view agile wallabies, estuarine crocodiles, wild horses, buffalo’s and some of the 236 bird species on the property.

Our guides will describe the Aboriginal uses for some of the local flora and fauna while you enjoy a cool drink and bite to eat.


Bird Watching

The Mary River catchment is home to some 236 species of bird, many of which are found at Bamurru Plains. The significance of this particular property comes in the variety of habitat: black soil floodplains, paperbark swamps, savannah woodland, river mangroves and coastal beaches support an extraordinary diversity of birdlife.

Even in the dry season the floodplains on the property still retain large areas of water where the birdlife congregate in extraordinary numbers rarely seen elsewhere in Australia.